Menning Audio Design

Lifestyle meets Audio Enthusiasts

Menning Audio Design was founded in 1998 by Udo Menning. We are known for the design concept, execution and in-house production of quality high-end audio products.

Our main focus is the development and production of high-end vacuum tube amplifiers, which achieve the best possible sonic characteristics through simple circuit design. To round out our product portfolio, we offer a passive transformer volume controlled (TVC) pre-amplifier to specifically enhance our tube amplifiers in the same design. In order to ensure the best possible sound characteristics (best tonality, body, harmonics – in short, musicality) in our systems, we use high-end stepper transformers in our products for low-impedance and thus circuits that are insensitive to interference..

With our devices, you acquire high-end audio products, which together form a perfect sequence of sound.

In our manufacturing process, we pay particular attention to a superior craftsmanship in the vertical integration of our audio products.
We believe that only well-crafted devices can make you a fan of our products. Our motto: “Lifestyle meets audio enthusiasts” is reflected in our entire in-house production process. For this reason, a product ordered by you needs about 3 months to craft since almost all production processes are done purely by hand. We manufacture “YOUR” tube amplifier specifically for you.
By selecting of your fronts, you can bring a unique high-end audio device custom-built for you into your living room, your listening room. We manufacture it specifically for you with technical know-how and great attention to detail.





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